SNOW DAY! . . .


We had a Snow Day in Seattle today . . . it was so pretty!  Unfortunately I had to go to work (boo!), but fortunately the roads were clear and it was actually the best commute I've had in a long time (yay!).  I think it's mostly melted by now - which is fine by me.  It's so pretty and sometimes (most of the time?) it makes me kind of grumpy because Seattle is generally so ill-prepared for snow that the whole city tends to just s-h-u-t  d-o-w-n.  And that is annoying for a "do-er" like me.  There's probably some kind of lesson there.  :)  Happy to have enjoyed it while it lasted, and grateful for the drip drip drip outside which tells me it's raining again.

xo Eileen